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Teach Better Academy

Teach Better Academy

The Teach Better Academy was designed to support all types of learners eager to learn about educational top topics to enhance student success! Explore The Grid Method Mastery Framework, dive into getting your feet wet with Standards-Based Grading, design rigorous Standard-Aligned Assessments, or Reflect on your Classroom Retake Process. Regardless of what instructional strategy you are looking for, we have a starting point in our Academy! 

To access the Teach Better Academy for free: 

Click on this link:

You should see a "100% off original price!" message below the "Join" button. 

The button will still say it is $9, but it will not charge you when you enroll.

This will take you to the sign-up screen. 

If the discount is not automatically applied, you can use the coupon code "TEACHBETTEROHIO-ATHENSMEIGS" during checkout.

You will need to enter your Full Name, Email Address, and password to set up your account and access the courses.

Once you have entered your information (or logged in), you should then have access to all courses from your "My Courses" dashboard.

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