Business Advisory Council

Business Advisory Council

All Ohio school districts and Educational Service Centers need to have a Business Advisory Council (BAC).  These locally-focused partnerships convene education and business leaders to engage in dialogue, build trust, and identify strategies that transform the student learning experience. The ongoing, intentional collaboration can result in a more responsive education system based on regional economic drivers and needs, more relevant learning experiences for students that include work-based learning opportunities, and enduring partnerships between schools and local industries.

The mission of the Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center Business Advisory Council is to advocate and facilitate active relationships between students, parents, and educational partners, focusing on developing robust career pathway development

The hosting organization for the Athens-Meigs ESC is Project RISE, the career development program for participating school districts. The composition of the Business Advisory Council includes each school district served by the ESC, a variety of business representatives from each industry in the area, and economic development and workforce partners. It is important for the ESC Business Advisory Council to have represented each industry, each school district, and any community organizations that would be beneficial in developing career opportunities for students. There are over 80 businesses that receive meeting invites, but not all attend regularly.


An explanation of the BAC structure is provided here, and the BAC protocol is provided here.


The AMESC BAC Plans:

The AMESC Joint Statements:


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